The True story of Female Orgasm

"Science, Sex and the Ladies  is saying the things about female orgasm that society needs to hear but continues to resist...A must see for people everywhere. I support this movie 100 percent."

                                                                                                                                          - Betty Dodson





Science Sex and The Ladies is now available via Vimeo On Demand Which also makes it available on AppleTV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.  Vimeo's Mobile page also supports Chromecast but not their mobile app...Its strange I know, but none the less check out Science Sex and The Ladies on Vimeo now...and for the first two weeks we're gonna have it available streaming for 1.99 and Download for 7.99 with the coupon code: OrgasmScience.




We are super excited that Science Sex and the Ladies is now available streaming on IndieFlix! Founded by Filmmakers, IndieFlix is part champion, part curator. Its a subscription streaming service much like Netflix or Hulu but with only the best of Indie Fare.  Its normally 5 bucks a month or 50 for the year but if you want to support SSL join thru our affiliate links and save money at the same time.


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a coupon for indieflix courtesy of Science Sex and The Ladies a coupon for indieflix courtesy of Science Sex and The Ladies


 Our Indianapolis premiere went off without a hitch. We had over 210 people in attendance. Scarlet Lane Brewery Provided some awesome beer, the Irving Theater was a fantastic host, and the crowd loved the show.. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.


The Indianapolis Free Thinking Feminists got together and enjoyed a little Science, Sex and The Ladies. It was a lot of fun. Trisha and Charlie were there to take questions (First time we had AnC representation at one of these shindigs) We had a great response from a great group. We really loved sharing with them.




Leigh McEwen had a few friends over this weekend for a fun and ab fab food filled showing of SSL. With loaded potato dip that is as addictive as crack and plenty of wine, the enduring phrases of the night were "Rub One Out" (it's pretty much the answer to everything) and "Rub it, don't poke it."

Pat Eberle held a small screening for her book club this past weekend in Greenfield, IN. She and these long-time friends of hers had some good food, some laughs, and some good discussion!


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Vladamir Barash, one of our awesome kickstarter backers hosted our second small group showing with a few of his friends.  They also supplied us with some excellent feedback.


McKenzie McCarthy hosted our first small group showing in Bloomington Indiana with nine of her friends and complete with some themed boob cookies to snack on.



One of our fantastic cast members thought some of her and her husband's couple friends would like Science, Sex and the Ladies, and felt they should hear what it had to say. She was particularly  interested because she knows they have children and really wants the message to get to parents in particular. However, she worried that because of the nature of the movie (Sex and all) they wouldn't be quick to sign up for a group showing.  So, we decided to have a "Silent Screening" where she mailed them loaner copies and a quick anonymous questionnaire. They were asked to watch, fill out the questionnaire, and send it to us at AnC. All is anonymous, except that there are particular questions we have permission to put up on the website.


We weren't sure how this was all going to work out, but I'm excited to say we received our first questionnaire! As we get more (it may be awhile, though. These all went to couples with small gets hard to find time to watch a movie, ya know?), we'll add them here.


Now, here's a bit from the first response. We don't know much about this person, and we can't be sure if this is from a male or female (2 questionnaires were sent to each couple to fill out separately), but here you are...Responder #1


Responder 1: She/he "learned a lot" and said "it also caused me to question beliefs and ways of thought." She/he most enjoyed the information the movie provided but did worry that the style the info was presented would "allow for mockery or uncomfortable fear to take over." (We have to admit, there are no punches pulled in how we demonstrate and discuss. It can be pretty...bold at times).


What did Responder #1 want to tell others about this movie? "Give it a chance. Listen to what is being said and don't fear the way some of it is presented. allow yourself the opportunity to learn about yourself, for yourself.


Thanks, Responder 1!


Science Sex and The Ladies will show at the

Indianapolis Worker Justice Center

MARCH 10th

  7:00pm (doors 6:30) .

1734 West Washington Street Indianapolis.

Brought to you By Films For Action.

Science Sex and The Ladies will show at

the Gateway film Centers Doc week.

 Wednesday April 6th at 730 pm

More Information Here.

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