Because what this movie says needs to be heard .

Because ideas about female orgasm based in mysticism and unsubstantiated tales seem to have more power in our culture than those based in good scientific evidence.


Because we grow up immersed in media that regularly and blatantly misrepresents the kinds of physical stimulation women actually need in order to orgasm.


Because it is still common to discuss the female orgasm as if it’s a mystery to the scientific world, yet is it not. It is actually well understood.


Because, sadly, too many women feel confused, frustrated, or ashamed about their ability to orgasm.


Because too many people are hurt by the misunderstandings and miscommunications which exist because our culture does not have adequate and correct knowledge of how women function sexually.


Because clearing up the physical misunderstandings about the female orgasm can deeply change the perspective from which men and women see each other and themselves - in a good way.


Because women, men, boys, and girls all deserve better, and we think this movie helps.