What it is

 Science, Sex and the Ladies is an innovative documentary that combines the contents of a research paper with the style of a whimsical variety show to amusingly present a serious discussion of female sexuality. As a culture, we blatantly misunderstand and misrepresent how the female body responds sexually; and from this emerges confusion, ignorance, and myths that infect a wide spectrum of our lives. Science, Sex and the Ladies refutes these common misconceptions with researched information and then investigates how a new more correct perspective could change our sexual world.

·A salacious pay-cable sexumentary

 ·An unsubstantiated argument about females and sex in terms of spirituality, mythology, or mysticism

 ·A mish-mash of interviews with women and sexperts telling you generalities you could just have easily read in the sex advice columns of any magazine


Frankly, most of the “sexuality documentaries” out there are simply rehashing a couple old ideas while drawing something that should be about 15 minutes out into a 90 minute movie. In fact many of these seem to be excuses to put hot, barely dressed women onto the screen while using the least amount of production effort and with the thin cover of making an informative piece. While we understand the reasons for doing these sorts of documentaries, we want to be clear that our movie is quite different.


What it is not.