Science Sex and the Ladies was made by the 3 members of AnC Movies. The movie was shot in HD almost entirely with actors on green screen in a make-shift studio converted from a warehouse in Anderson, Indiana. That’s the gist of it, but here are the particulars…



AnC Movies financed  the entire shooting production of this movie.  We had no investors nor did we seek any out. We do have a wonderful web of family and friends that have donated food, time and space, but other than that, everything was paid out of our 3 collective pockets.


All of the equipment used in the production was bought by us over a period of years. Nothing was rented (except a couple costumes and some flats). We occasionally do wedding and commercial video work which helps fund us, but it really doesn't come close to paying all our the movie bills.


While the shooting production was entirely self financed, we recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $20,000 for Final Sound and Music Production.  We still kinda can't believe that it happened.



The crew included all 3 AnC members (Barnaby, Charlie, and Trisha). Jake Fritz, Sylvia Borowicz, Daniel DeSloover, and Andrew Borowicz crewed also, but rarely at the same time. Generally there were 3 to 4 crew at any given shoot. Only occasionally would we have 5 crew members.



The acting in this movie was, by nature of the specific information being presented, rarely improvisational. In fact, there was almost no room at all for line improvisation or line tweaking. In the non verbal acting too, there were many times in which the movements had to be specific in order to match the voice over narration.


Actors who were on-screen narrators had particularly challenging roles. The narrator’s lines in this movie are technical, complicated and long. The script was, by no means, easy to memorize. However, we were always impressed and pleased by our actors’ abilities to perform such a challenging script.



If you're interested and (we only really put this for other no-budget filmmakers), we shot Science, Sex and the Ladies on a Panasonic HVX-200 with one 8GB p2 card which we continually dumped to a windows based laptop. It was shot as a 720 24PN movie which gave us about 20 minutes of shoot time, which we found was just about perfect most of the time. If we had one more 8GB we would never have had to stop shooting.


 We recorded sound to a Tascam HDP2 which records to Compact Flash. It was a workhorse never giving us problems. Our main microphone was the Audio Technica 4073a for dialogue recording. Our Voice Overs where done with the akgCK91.


 We had 3 600watt Fresnels, 1 1k Fresnel (all desisti), 1 1k chinaball, and a about 10-12 worklights rated at 500watts each (although they were sometimes suspect). I would like to have had a bigger set of diffusers our largest was about 6 foot. Our main problem was running out of stands though.


 We used a lot of old wire to tie things up to rafters and chairs, and thanks to cinefoil we had some really well placed light. Our main issue was converting this large warehouse space to an adequate space to record sound, which we did with about 40+ rolls of pink insulation and a ton of moving blankets tied (with wire) into the rafters. The star piece of gear behind the scenes was certainly our scissor lift. Without it we wouldn't have been able to hang our greenscreen (about 30' wide made of industrial wallpaper glued together) or insulate our space. It made the work of 5 men on ladders the work of 2 with a lift.


 We're cutting the whole thing on Adobe Premiere Cs4 and our composites are being finished in After Effects. We haven't had any issues's (fingers crossed). We're running Vista64 with 12GB of Ram on a i920 processor with Nvidia GT 260. We're tracking with Mocha which once you get the hang of pretty much handles anything we throw at it. It even handles the noise in the shadows from the HVX pretty well. We're doing light noise reduction with Neat Image which really helps us pull a good matte. Alright Gear Rant over.